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Rick is protected by U.S. law. Rick Spinner articles, his name, image, logo and catch phrases are copyrighted, etc.

If you quote Rick, note Rick, chat him up that is great. But commercial use of Rick Spinner articles, his name, catch phrases, image and logo is expressly prohibited without written permission in advance from Rick Spinner Inc. All rights are reserved.

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Rick Spinner, Nacho Flaherty and all other characters related to Rick Spinner articles, this website or Rick Spinner merchandise are absolutely fictional. Similarity, likeness or apparent relationship to any person, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

Rick Spinner articles, this website, Rick Spinner merchandise or anything related to Rick Spinner Inc. is intended as entertainment only. The content of Rick Spinner articles, this website, Rick Spinner merchandise, etc. is protected by the 5th Amendment.


Wait. Make that the 1st Amendment. Oops.


That said, do not take Rick Spinner articles seriously. They are intended to be humorous and use light-hearted ridicule to lampoon people of all walks of life.

Rick Spinner articles may occasionally seem to be chauvinistic, racist, atheistic or xenophobic; the articles may seem to be critical of middle-aged men, those in business, government leaders, tall people, Norwegians and rubber ducks. At times, Rick Spinner might appear to be insensitive to Baptists, Eskimos, policemen, computer manufacturers and school teachers.


If, after reading a Rick Spinner article, you feel this way, good for you---you get it. Rick's belief is that we are all idiots in our own way. Therefore, nearly everyone is a potential target, Rick Spinner will make fun of almost anyone. If you don't like that, don't read Rick.


However, Rick will not make fun of those who have been impugned by life itself. He will not abrade those who have been physically or emotionally harmed by abusive people or circumstances beyond their control. Rick may be ignorant but he is not mean.


Oh, and Rick will not make fun of the Geico caveman...er...cavemen, whatever. Those poor guys have suffered enough degradation.


And so on


That's it, I got nothing else. Sorry about that 1st Amendment, 5th Amendment gaff (how embarrassing).